An ‘Only Option’ Situation

(Prologue to Life Saving, Oxymoron Medical Treatment)  I have a had lot of time to sit and think.  So here is a post that I find important to express before my next whirlwind of a hospital experience is exposed!

Q: How many ‘Only Option’ situations do you think we come across in our lives?

To be honest, I had a tough time formulating a working answer to this question that did  not back me into a hole.  Think about an answer before you start reading my response, because it might help make reading through my thoughts less perplexing.

Okay, here is me trying to explain myself…

Start of thought process:
We all can see going into work as an ‘only option’ situation in our life, right?  This is because we all have days where we don’t like going into work, but we all still do go into work as it is our ‘only option’ to support our lives…making the idea to work an ‘only option’ situation in our lives.

Wait a second:
This is an answer I would of accepted before I experienced my health issues with ulcerative colitis.

Why does my answer back me into a hole?:
Now, I see that this answer backs me into a hole, since it applies to most people.  A majority of people will validate the idea to work as an ‘only option’ situation in our lives.  But if our ‘only option’ situations in our lives are done by multiple people every day what makes them so special and ‘only option’ like?  Is it acceptable for ‘only option’ situations to be bountiful?  Do ‘only option’ situations like the idea to work really count?  Because our whole lives are made up of these types of ‘only option’ situations.

Hmm, am I making a big deal out of this?:
My new definition of an ‘only option’ situation includes that it should be rare– one that does not provide us suitable alternatives or allow us to meddle with our priorities.  Basically, I see that an ‘only option’ situation should not have choices and that in our own realities (not actual reality) we create many ‘only option’ situations–  like the idea to work or other things we easily complain about doing.  We justify what I think now are false ‘only option’ situations by believing what we choose is our actual ‘only option’ to a means to an end.
That is just us acting a bit delusional.
When you really think about it…we are not stuck in what we are doing, but we just like to think we are very stuck in what we are doing.  We all have a ton of options in our lives, but prefer to cling to seeing our current ways as our ‘only option’ in various life situations.
I come to this belief: we prefer to frame/makeup/create many ‘only option’ situations in our lives instead of  facing what really could be.  Our own realities get in the way of actual reality.

No, I think any life-threatening health issue will shake someone up in a good way:
I did not know how bad off I was health-wise.  All I knew is that I felt like death and was not getting better.  *Leak Attack* After I came out of surgery, I was told that I did not have much time left to live if my whole colon was not taken out.  I had signs of toxic megacolon developing quickly (repetitive high fever).  Once you have have toxic megacolon, you’re colon explodes and swarms your bloodstream with toxins that kill.  I have a three-stage surgery process to get through.  By next fall or age 23, I should be back to a new normal.    

I experienced an ‘only option’ situation:
I have realized many people with health issues are the people who easily experience an ‘only option’ situation in their lives, according to my newly developed definition.    What are some other ‘only option’ situations humans face aside from health issues?  Feel free to leave me your initial and after thoughts.  I enjoy feedback!
For me, my first surgery (Total Colectomy and End Ileostomy) was not only my hopeful cure to ulcerative colitis (I am almost no longer diagnosed with ulcerativie colitis– my rectum still has a chance to be diseased by it as it continues to try to heal, but I am very likely to get back to eating a normal, healthy diet); I would not be alive without this first surgery.

p.s. Tank’ yous’ a bunches for lending me pieces of your big hearts (or eyes).  I mean to sound silly, but I am serious…thanks for all your love and support.  


3 thoughts on “An ‘Only Option’ Situation

  1. Faithers….in my 40-years of earthly living, I have achieved far beyond most in my era. You state “am I making a big deal out of this?” Absolutely NO! And, sad to say, but the majority of people “create many ‘only option’ situations” because it is easier to be negative (have a negative outlook, dwell in self pity) than have a positive outlook. As I have aged, traveled to numerous areas in the world and put myself into cultures other then my own, I have realized that an individual is, most of the time, their own enemy. I agree with you whole heartedly “we are not stuck in what we are doing, but we just like to think we are very stuck in what we are doing. We all have a ton of options in our lives, but prefer to cling to seeing our current ways as our only option in various life situations” due to the fact that it is easier, more comfortable and sometimes effortless to hide in our shell. I believe this is why I have develop little to zero patience for persons who dwell in the negative. We as individuals have a choice to change “only option” situations – no magic fairy is gonna come along and make that change. However, those persons who develop chronic and/or life threatening diseases, are born with disabilities beyond normal development are persons who encounter “only option” situations for the sake of survival.

    Thank you for your writings. It warms my soul when I see the strength of a woman! Knowledge is power. Your writings give others the power to heal, understand, accept and appreciate!

    Say what….Faithers from Sharon, Wisconsin! ❤

  2. I second Kristen’s comment! You are so inspiring Faith! I hope you have a speedy recovery – I can’t wait to get together and catch up. Sending you happy thoughts and love!

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