One Month w/o my ‘Bloody’ Colon

It has not been the most glamorous time of my life, and I am sharing this time of my life with anyone who wants to take the time to read about it.  I realize these last two posts have been filled with details.  I find that the details of those posts would help someone else going through this strange, strange transformation.  From here on out, I am going to stick to writing my posts more along the lines of a story rather than a report (as I believe most of my readers are not going through this transformation and would find it more interesting to read summaries of my experiences rather than each step of my daily life).


It is the one I mentioned in my “Small Wins” post–>
“My insides looked quite not healthy!  Oddly, I love to show the pictures of my colon (p.s. colon= large intestine)…it literally shows what this disease does (seeing a healthy colon first puts it into perspective). Ha, so ask if you want to see…”

(I have another sheet of pictures, but I figured this one would do…you can ask to see that one if you come visit me or something like that)

me and my colon pictures

At Beloit Memorial Hospital
showing off pictures from my second sigmoidoscopy

I’m really not too thrilled about it.

Explanation of the picture (since it is not of the best quality):

My doctor could only go up so far with his camera and little biopsy collecting instruments– See where those boxes are that form a diagonal and then a straight line down– that is how far my doctor got.
The top three pictures show what my colon looked like where the straight line of boxes are and the bottom two pictures show what some of my punched out ulcers looked like.
*I will never have a colonoscopy. For those of you still with colons, do not be afraid of getting a colonoscopy when the time comes (when you’re 50).  You do not feel a thing!


How am I doing after one month w/o my ‘bloody’ colon?

I am doing great!  I can actually walk out to the kitchen and make myself some food, granted things are pretty well prepped for me.  I can sit up all day and just get a little sleepy.  I only have to sit down in the shower for half the time (having a shower chair has been awesome as in super helpful).  I can put lotion on myself and get dressed without help.  I have started to wear my regular clothes…well, for tops at least, because I still wear sweat pants all of the time.  Dresses are fun to wear, but it is winter.  My strength is coming back and so are some pounds– 105 pounds as of this morning.  I would like to get back to my healthy mid-120 pounds.  I am out of the hunchback walking phase and am standing up more straight.  I do not look as scary, meaning I have my wonderful color back.  I don’t have an answer to why I’m a blusher.  My incisions are all scabbed over and the steri-strips have been removed.  p.s. I was glued closed.  I did not have staples to remove.  I am no longer so restricted in my diet.  I am slowly eating more dairy, high fiber, and sugar foods.  I have been told that raw vegetables, beans, and carbonation drinks will most likely cause pain or an obstruction.  I will be staying clear of those foods and drinks.  Hmm…What else has changed?  I am tapering off the steroids okay.  Also, I am going to be leaving the house more to go out to the movies, the mall, and other people’s houses.  I have friends who are lending me a wheelchair for trips like that.  Here’s the thing, I can go out to places but once I get to the destination I cannot do much there…Sure I can stand up and walk around for 15 minutes but after that I need to sit down and recoup.  My pulse runs a bit high.  Pitter Patter, Pitter Patter.  My heart doesn’t know how to slow down.  I’m hoping it’s because of the steroids.

I cannot wait to be at the two month mark to be feeling more like myself!

In the meantime, I will be working on draft posts, starting my school work, reading, watching movies, listening to music, and visiting.

My life is slowly being given back to me…
and that is something I quietly celebrate each day…

me giving a sad peace sign

(this is a picture I took while getting sick the second time around)

to be continued…
w/ a post about how all this started and another post about my time in China


Have a flowerista day! ✿

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