“Escape the Stall”

I’m happy to see that the new awareness campaign for IBD made the New York Times and am hopeful for this PSA video to start showing up between TV programs.  There is definitely a whole lot more to IBD than going to the bathroom a lot, and I know this from personal experience with it.  But the campaign is trying to get people to discuss IBD– to raise awareness about these autoimmune diseases.  People need to know about this disease, because the disease is already awful enough to the people who have it.  They should not have to put up with people acting disgusted or horrified about it too.  This behavior shuns people who have it into nonexistence.

I’m not at all embarrassed about my previous condition (having ulcerative colitis) and the situation I’m in now (having an ileostomy).

We all go to the bathroom.
No matter how we do it, when is it ever pretty?  My stuff is just more out in the open than most peoples, with having it collect in a bag attached to my stomach.  And I’m okay with that, because the ileostomy bag is odor proof and can be tucked underneath my clothes.  If I did choose to tell no one about it, no one would know that I have it.

In our society, I know it is not “lady-like” for women to talk about going (because we don’t right), but I obviously chose not to conform to that by choosing to write my honest posts.  IBD can affect any type of person.  The campaign makes clear that people of all walks of life face these diseases.

Now that I’m cured from ulcerative colitis by having surgery and am in the process of getting back to “normal’ I do not care that I go #2 out of my stomach (as my small intestine is sticking out of my stomach and lets out my waste whenever its ready to exit).  In another blog, a guy described it as how play-dough comes out of one of the molding toys, ha-ha.  It makes me laugh, because it is so true.

I’m happy to answer any questions and show people– Why I’m so open is because I think it is amazing that this is even possible and being able to talk about it makes it less awkward for me.  I feel better not having to hide anything or hole myself up in a cave about it.  And another reason not to forget is that I am SO ECSTATIC that I DO NOT have symptoms of ulcerative colitis anymore– I can eat and do not see red in the toilet!  Living with an ileostomy really is not that bad, but at times it can be nerve-racking.

I’ve learned to not be embarrassed of the uncontrollable things my body does to me and better yet, not be embarrassed of who I am.  I know to remember what I’ve gone through but to not let it hold me back from living the life I want to lead.  

I look down and am constantly surprised by my stoma.
I never thought I would be thankful to have a beautiful one!


4 thoughts on ““Escape the Stall”

  1. Hi! Your confidence is inspiring!

    My dad had an emergency colostomy a year ago… turned out he had colon cancer. I learned a heck of alot about colostomies and everything that came with it. Heck- I ended up emptying his bag numberous times because he was on so much pain meds and wasn’t in good shape to do it himself. It’s amazing how many people do have a bag and you’d never know it!

    I’m also a Nutrition student and have lots of education on the digestive tract.

    Anyways, just wanted to say Hi and that I have enjoyed your posts so far and am here for you through the process to better health!


    1. Hello! I’m glad you stumbled across my blog :). And thank you!

      I hope your Dad is feeling much better now, and I think that is so nice of you being there for him!!! I was relieved to have my nurses help me after my surgery. It is crazy amazing of all the lives saved from these procedures. Your knowledge should help your Dad out too. Good luck with your studies!

      Thanks for being there,

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