Laughter is the Best Medicine

Oh boy, did it feel good to start laughing again even though my abdomen wounds stretched with my jiggling giggles.  One night, I was laughing so much my adhesive came loose making me almost having to replace my bag.  How the adhesive is sticking is something I have to watch out for, because I definitely want to avoid embarrassing public leaks.  With having an ileostomy I have had to adjust a few aspects of my life.  I need more patience with having to change my appliance every 3 or 4 days and going to the bathroom around 6 times a day (one being at night) to empty the bag.  I have learned how to dress comfortably by tucking it in a certain way and what foods make my stomach hurt or what foods I should watch out for.  With these changes there have been a few humorous moments of my ileostomy.  I hope more are to come, because laughter is the best medicine.

During my first time home I said to my grandma, “I see banana in my poop bag.”  My grandma looked at me disgustedly and said, “There is a banana in your book bag!”  I had left my book bag at her house before my second hospitalization.  She thought I had a rotting banana in my book bag for a whole month!  That would have stunk! Unlike my poop bag (as it is odor proof). :p

Ever since I have had my ileostomy nurses who have helped me change my appliance often expressed kindness to it.  Many of them said, “You have a beautiful stoma!”  My small intestine is so healthy it is beautiful.  My joke from this reoccurring comment to my grandma was “I get a lot of compliments on it.”  Who thought I would be getting compliments on a stoma!  Well, I will be really surprised if non-medical people start to compliment me on it.   That would make me really smile! ha-ha.  Show some love to me and my small intestine over here.

Then during my second time home someone thought I was too emotional.  Them thinking this upset me, and sparked me to say, “I have my shit together!” Right after my grandma said, “Yeah you do, right in your little bag.”  To be honest, it took me a while to get what she was saying, because I forgot I had a poop bag.

One big reason for me sharing these three moments aside from bringing some joy to the world is that I would like to make t-shirts and/or coozies to raise money for CCFA.  I am slowly working on drawing a few designs.  I think these moments are funny, and I have not seen any other products out there like this.

Other products:


The Great Bowel Movement Organization–>

& Many Awareness Bracelets.  I know two IBD advocates, Maggie Baldwin and Sara Ringer, sell some.

Other ideas:

Other more simple designs I have in mind are “I support someone with IBD” or “I have skittle poop”  ha-ha just kidding on this last one.  I thought of it the other day, because I have witnessed (on occasion) bright orange, green, yellow, and red waste.  Man oh man, sometimes how I wish I could go normal once again.  At the end of this year my wish will most likely come true.  That is the plan.  Now help a sister out and TAKE MY POLL–>


2 thoughts on “Laughter is the Best Medicine

  1. Thanks for the website shout out for Awestomy! I can remember a friend visiting me in the hospital just after my colostomy surgery. He had me laughing so hard I thought the stitches were going to bust. Be well!

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