I Missed My Graduation Ceremony

My hopes were high to attend my graduation ceremony as intended in December 2012, but the second emergent surgery that I went through really took a lot out of me.  A few days before the ceremony I woke up and sat in the kitchen for breakfast.  I realized right then and there that I did not have the energy to sit-up for very long.  I questioned myself, “How am I going to sit-up through a three-hour ceremony?”  There was no way that I could pull that off.  I got the courage to voice this to my Grandma, and she knew I had made the right decision.  Disappointment set-in because I had made the effort to make arrangements for my weak self in the ceremony.  I got my sister approved to sit next to me with saying that I might have an emergency where I would need someone to push me to the nearest bathroom.  This was awesome news because I was first told that the graduate floor is strictly for graduates.  I was also bummed because I had people excited to decorate my wheelchair, and I wanted my sister to push me across the stage and have the feeling that I did it.

I asked if I could walk in May with the rest of my senior class, and I received a yes answer!  It will feel good to go through this ceremony with actually having my work done and hopefully continue being in good shape to walk across the stage by myself.  I will have my ileostomy still.  Life threw me a curve ball I was never expecting, but hey, I can still walk across that graduation stage and make something of myself!

I think I might be emotional when that day comes.  Watch the video below for the Gastro-Intestinal Research Foundation and especially at 1:30- 1:56.  I feel for this girl.


Have a flowerista day! ✿

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