Three Months and I’m Busy Living

Hello you all!

Meet Me and Lulu

Today marks my third month of being 95% Ulcerative Colitis free!  I count my rectum for 5% ha-ha weird.  I feel absolutely normal except a few things.  1) I still get a bit worn out from going places all the time.  But everyone does at some point, so whatever.  2) I cannot lie on my stomach and this bothers me most when I’m trying to do yoga.  3) I have mucus and some blood leaving my behind which is good and bad.  Bleeding kind of hurts but that minor pain is NOTHING compared to the severe pain the UC devil brought upon me.

I’m seriously feeling normal and good.  I can do everything I used to do for the most part.

My second surgery to build an Ileal Pouch and a Loop-Ileostomy is in early April (5 weeks away!!! ahhh).  I am going to have an S-Pouch, because that is what my surgeon prefers making.  Once I no longer have a rectum, 3 limbs of the end of my small intestine (the Ileum) are stapled together and made into a pouch.  The open end of my intestine is secured to my anus somehow.  The looped intestine protruding out of my stomach (hopefully in the same hole of the End Ileostomy I have now…) will divert my stool away from the S-Pouch while it heals.  I will still pass mucus and probably blood and maybe some stool that slips by out of my behind.  Joy.  After this surgery, I will have a 6-8+ week recovery time until my Loop-Ileostomy take down surgery.  That makes my run with surgeries done in June or July.

My stomas name is Lulu and after the second surgery it will be Loopy Lulu…I don’t really call it that, but it is sort of fun to have a name for it.

Lastly, I’m wishing for no complications and am trying my best to push my negative thoughts away.  I know it is best to concentrate on all the good that can happen.


– Faith


4 thoughts on “Three Months and I’m Busy Living

  1. Faith, I think you should talk to Heidi Kadlec, she has gone through so much just like you. She is married to Gaylan Morrisson’s nephew and lives in Clinton. She is on Facebook. She is up at UW Hospital now!

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