Complications with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Complications. Complications. Go away. Never come again another day.

I was so sick that I was 24 hours away from dying. With that said, my body was in real poor shape, but I did not think I would have small percentage complications…like, come on!

Chronic diseases are no fun. They are different for everyone…some mild, some severe. Why do I must have the severe type WITH added complications. O.M.G. It is overwhelming.

It’s hard when everyone around you can go about their days. Whereas I constantly know all the bad that is taking place in my body– But I look good  (on the outside, not so much under my clothes and inside my body), so it’s okay.

Everything is hidden. Everything is too foreign and technical to understand. Everything is too gross for people to even want to hear about…but I’m stuck with it…I’m living it…I never can pretend like it’s not happening or no big deal…because it is!

My first complication was a high-grade bowel obstruction, where my small intestine was choking itself– dumb intestines…dumb, dumb, dumb. That was the WORST pain of my life. I ended up with poop being sucked out of my nose.

My second complication is one I’m dealing with now and for the past month, a pouch-vaginal fistula— just reading “pouch-vaginal” is so much fun. Who poops out of their vagina!? I do. Like really? Why does my vagina have to join in on the fun!

It’s not real poop. It is just MUCUS, because I have a diverting loop ileostomy that diverts the poop away from my pouch and out my stomach. So my pouch just produces mucus and never gets touched by real poop. You have this mucus that I’m talking about too, to glide your poop out of your system.

Poop. Poop. Poop. My life has become POOPY. Now I’m starting to sound like a child who loves to say the word poop, but again, come on!

EEEEk. Rewind. I still live my days to the best that I can. Nothing gets in the way that much.

Yes, I’m always conscious of how full my bag is getting. It gets uncomfortable hiding it under my clothes. And yes, I don’t enjoy the feeling of mucus leaking out of my vagina, oh and nor do I enjoy passing gas out of my vagina either. Who would.

But I’m not meaning to sound ungrateful…Just questioning why oh why these things are happening to me and why they happen to anyone!

*high-grade bowel obstructions always need surgery
*a fistula is an abnormal communication, like a pathway or tunnel, between two normal organs that sometimes need surgery

–> My pouch-vaginal fistula is a communication between my newly constructed s-pouch and my vagina. Yippee-doo-da-day this requires surgery to fix too.

I have already had a pouch study done, where they put liquid up your bum and take x-rays, an anus exam, where my surgeon stuck his finger up my bum and pressed around, and a 1/2 hour outpatient surgery, where my surgeon could investigate things better.

AND TO MAKE THIS EVEN MORE FUN, fistulas are a challenge to surgeons. Therefore, instead of only having my surgeon to do the job, I am going to have a second surgeon helping out…Whoa, can you say s-e-r-i-o-u-s?

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are nothing to take lightly. Who wants even minor body problems. Who wants major body problems. Who wants to have surgery. Who wants to have multiple surgeries. Who wants their digestive tract messed up. Who wants their intestines twisting. Who wants poop coming out of places it does not belong. I could go on and on with this “Who wants…” thing.

  • That’s me at my Bake Sale Fundraiser…I was talking to my uncle and looking at all the baked goods. More on this in my next post :) Stay tuned.



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