How to do a Quick n’ Easy Fundraiser

Hey! I did a bake sale to raise money for the CCFA. A bake sale is quick n’ easy because it only has a few steps to follow through with.



6 small steps:

Step 1. Ask a local venue in town to host the event and agree on a time for it.

Step 2. Create a flyer to post on local bulletin boards and share on all social media.

Step 3. Call/text everyone you know in the area and ask them to bake and/or to come out– People will bake and/or come out for a good cause!

Step 4. Create a simple informative poster, find a large glass jar to collect donations (do not price items)– attach a flyer or donation sign to it, and set-up a table for the baked goods.

Step 5. Have fun at the event. Talk to and thank people.

Step 6. Count the donations at home and turn it into a check to give to the organization. Let everyone know your success in a thank you note!!!

What I did for the 6 steps:

Step 1. I had my bake sale at a local bar in town on their wing night special, which is every week. I knew it would be a friendly, family environment since I have been to the wing night before and that it would start early in the evening at 5pm.

Step 2. I created the flyer below on Microsoft Word and posted it at the post office, bank, library, and a restaurant in town. I also had created a FB event and invited all of my friends even if they were not in the area– to spread awareness.

Step 3. My Mom made this event happen, because she really got the word out by calling and texting everyone she knew in the area to bake and come out to the event. She also made a speech at her workplace asking people to bake or give. It worked wonderfully!

Step 4. My poster is on a column to the left, the glass jar is in the middle of the pool table which we put ply wood over to make it a flat, large table.

Step 5. Music was going and people were eating while eyeing the baked goods. The night went well, and I got to meet people in town and another person with an ostomy from Crohn’s disease!

Step 6. I’m coloring a thank you note for the bar, bank, school and church. That night we raised $783.20! At the bank my mom collected $314! My mom did a great job raising over a $1000 for the CCFA. My Take Steps team has raised over $1600 with it only 6 days away!

Let me know your fundraising tricks and successes :)! I will be working in the nonprofit field once I’m able to, so I would love to know!


2 thoughts on “How to do a Quick n’ Easy Fundraiser

  1. Nice work for a good cause Faith! There are a number of things that I liked about your process. You had a written plan outlining each step, the community was involved, you did not rely entirely on social media to publicize, there was a lot of upbeat personal interaction before and at the event and you are promptly thanking those that helped make it happen. Congratulations and I hope that your upcoming surgery is equally successful.

    1. Thank you Mark! It was so fun getting the community involved, and the event is going to be featured in my town’s quarterly newsletter! Thank you, I really hope so too. I’ll check out your nonprofit blog :)

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