Rummage Sale Beauties

I am a sale shopper. I beeline to the clearance racks and bins and sift through one item at a time. I cling on to what I like and am gleeful at my inexpensive finds. I do this in various department stores, Goodwill, and of course at markets like town-wide rummage sales.

I have more than I would ever be able to afford at full price. I can present myself in clothing and accessories and my always changing homes as I like to with sales. If only I was a more of a DIY-er (do-it-yourself-er). Imagine the possibilities and they just might happen!

Yesterday I found 3 trendy tops for just $4.50 (not pictured, but you might see them in an ostomy fashion post!). Winning :). Now check out my beautiful finds today…

rummage 003

 Copper Butterfly Necklace
Story: A woman in town is transitioning her shop and had a jewelry stand of necklaces to sell from her storage units. She saw me eyeing this necklace, trying it on, putting it back, and eyeing it again. I was being ridiculous– why not just buy it already? Then suddenly she breaks away from our conversation and says, “You take that butterfly necklace and take it to your next two surgeries as a good luck charm from me.” This was so cool! She has had digestive issues herself which makes it even more touching.

Brass Frame (2)
Story: My sister and went to another sale and we met an older woman who has collected antiques over her years. I spotted two of these brass frames and fell in love. They could be Victorian wall-hangings or frame a memorable moment or showcase a piece of embroidery/painting. I wonder where they will be in my future place!

Vintage Pin (2)
Story: The key pin and flower pin I bought from another woman in town. She had a whole bin of different pins and my first reaction in my head was, “pins, what would I do with them?” Then I got to looking and could not resist buying these two! I think I will  wear them on my scarfs and/or bags! The key pin reminds that openness to new possibilities is beneficial and the flower pin reminds me of flying and the snitch in Harry Potter so why not flaunt it with a smile!

It looks like this (picture from ebay)

I also got my Grandma, well was graciously given (man were people nice to me!), a “Blue Bird of Happiness.” She and my Grandpa love birds and she loves the color blue and I think so does my Grandpa haha so I thought it would be a great gift for them. It has a single flower stem holder too…and guess what, they both love flowers too! It’s the thought that counts not the money put into it, right?

See what you find in the summertime rummage sales! It is a lot of fun to browse at everyone’s collections and really enjoyable to stumble across something special :).


Have a flowerista day! ✿

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