Living on the Wild Side

Listen to “It’s Patron Time” while reading this post to set the mood. Like what you’re hearing? Make sure to repeat it :).

My lovely iPod played this song a few days back and ever since then I have sung its patron time.


I rarely ever drink and when I do I’m not a big drinker. Every once in a while I’d go out in college, but I didn’t like how it made me feel. I felt lazy and not myself. I’d rather do something sober instead.

More so, with this health condition I have been in fear of drinking. I didn’t want my bag to constantly fill up with liquid stool and/or gas. Running to the bathroom while drunk to empty just didn’t appeal to me. I have the same feelings towards going to sleep drunk and having a bag explode. Getting shit everywhere is not on my bucket-list.

But last night I thought “Screw It, I’m Going Out, It’s Patron Time.”

To start the night out, I went with my boyfriend to a Japanese restaurant for our 3-year-anniversary. I had teriyaki chicken, rice, and fried vegetables. Then we met up with a couple of friends at a local bar. I had a tequila sunrise and a tequila shot with the salt and lime, yum yum. Then we proceeded to a friend’s house to meet up with more friends. I played two rounds of pong while sipping on a Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade, that was also good. Since I don’t drink, I got a ‘little’ drunk off of those in the 4 hours we were hanging out.

Not once did I have to empty my bag! Go Rice! Go Body!

Going out and having a good time has been on my mind a lot. My next surgery is approaching, and I want to let myself have some harmless fun before I’m out of the social game for a while. Unless you wanna bring its patron time to my house? Just playing. . .but can you? And I’ll just put this out there, a non-alcoholic party in the hospital is always welcome too.

Aside from drinking that night, I also have gone everywhere I go WITHOUT emergency supplies this whole week. O_O Yeah, I’m wild. I even have cut all the tape off of my wafer so my skin is less irritated which means I am at a higher risk of leaking and needing emergency supplies!

Guess what? A few weeks ago, I had emergency supplies with me and had a leak with my normal, uncut tape wafer at a public beach. Cool thing was that it looked like watery blood because I was drinking red Gatorade. But I should learn from this and always carry my emergency supplies with me, especially now with my skimpy wafer.

Update me on your wild, but proper, ostomy and life happenings in the comments below :). Thanks Readers!

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Have a flowerista day! ✿

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