Do I See a Light and an Ice Cream Sundae?

I think I see a light getting  brighter. It’s like something heavy has left my shoulders. Like as if I was hiding under a rock or in a manhole or standing under a rainy cloud and whatever was covering or hovering over me is moving on, it’s going away. . .

I’m excited to say three things, wait four things!

1) My peristomal skin is better! I approve of the foam stuff.
2) My bag sticks to me longer than one day (no more surprise leaks)!
3) My incision from the April surgery has closed!

I’m able to live with easy again. . .

And before I tell the 4th thing, I’ll tell a bad analogy haha. . .you can blame the pain meds!

I have a nice “life” sundae going on.
— The “twist” soft serve ice cream is my life being saved through being given an ileostomy AND being saved again by untwisting my small bowel.
— The hot fudge, butterscotch, chocolate, or caramel sauce (I like them all) is my ability to have surgery for the internal s-pouch.
— The whip cream is the deliciousness of having a well-behaved ileostomy and wearing the bag with pride. Never thought you would read deliciousness and ileostomy in the same sentence, did ya?
— The cherry on top is that my fistula complication surgery was not as bad as I expected! Ding ding ding this is the 4th thing I’m excited to tell you about! Below is a recap of my  hospital stay.

Day 1: My surgery was on Monday. It was about 2 hours long. I woke up crying and not breathing that great. The nurse petted me on the head while saying things like “it will pass” and “I will get you more pain medicine.” She was right and somehow I got back to my room with no memory of when it happened. I had to wait for more pain medicine…My nurse wanted me to eat something first. At dinner time I had frosted flakes and soy milk with some saltines and graham crackers. My dad was there all day. My boyfriend stopped by after work and so did my aunt after he left.  Also a girl I met online through Girls with Guts had the same surgery the same day with the same doctors so we got to meet! She sent her parents over to my room to give me a gift, because she was in isolation for an infection :/ I am wishing that will go away for her. I slept really well that night. My ileostomy wasn’t being active because I didn’t eat much. My catheter was working. And I was off all IVs, meaning I was drinking by myself.

Day 2: In the morning I got the catheter out after breakfast. I was able to go pee two hours later, yay. I had a late lunch cause it got lost and then I ordered a mini dinner while I waited for my dad to come get me after work. Discharge happened so fast! Now I am home and groggy. I’m not going to take the pain medications anymore, because I don’t like how they make me feel. I am taking an antibiotic as a preventive measure.

To make the sundae complete, I need a spoon.

I’ll have my spoon once my ileostomy take down happens– when that will happen. I have a follow-up appointment in 3 weeks.

hospital fistula 006 hospital fistula 007 hospital fistula 009


Have a flowerista day! ✿

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