How to Style Thinning Hair

Illness has stripped my hair pretty thin these days for some reason, so here is what I do! Take a look.

I style it with lightweight long scarves, fun hats and beanies, headbands, and simply up in a small bun.
Some tips to styling falling out hair are:

1) Do not use excessive heat on your hair. I know it’s tempting! I’ve been there straightening my thin hair and all it ends up looking like is string…Now, I only straighten my bangs.

2) If you lost or are losing a lot of your hair in the front and have baby hairs and regrowth happening like me, make bangs! I feel like it gives an illusion  you having more hair :).

3) Just want to wear your hair down? Tuck the hair you do have behind your ears to make it look fuller. The drawback on this is forming your hair in an unwanted shape.

4) If you have long thinning hair think about cutting it around your shoulders. I did this and it helped for a while! But my hair just keeps on falling out, so I’ve resulted to these styling tips pictured below.

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Losing your hair is saddening.  I’m saddened by it because I compare myself to my peers who often wish and/or already have long thick hair. Fortunately I have people in my life that still pay me compliments and think I’m beautiful (family and the boyfriend). And I still get hit on. In other words, people can and do see more than your hair!

Lessons I’ve learned from this ongoing experience:

1) Something can happen to you and make you realize you should never have complained about “it” to begin with. I had it good with my pre-illness hair and I didn’t even know it.

2) Don’t complain about your hair/body and feel beautiful just the way you are as long as you are doing your best! My post-illness hair/body have taken on a lot this past year and how I look because of it shouldn’t affect my mood.


4 thoughts on “How to Style Thinning Hair

  1. I like what you have done with your hair. All the styles are adorable…I especially like the “messy” bun and the adorable last pictures with bangs. Too cute! ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾

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