Schedule Your Free Time

I’m lost without a schedule. I need structure. I miss the from this time to that time I do “this” type of set-up. I have started a schedule in my mind and now it’s time to record and do it! Maybe I’ll smile more. Maybe I’ll feel more productive during my ongoing unemployment.

Quotes– “Life really isn’t all about what you want, it’s about what you can do with the life you have been given” – me  

What do you think of my daily schedule below? What else should I do!

Alright lads and lassies here’s my schedule, starting tomorrow in the AM!

8AM– Wake-up Faithers

8AM– Meditate for 20 minutes and then give into my nasty habit of checking social media on my phone i.e. Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Gmail

9AM– Fill-up my 72oz jug of water to drink throughout the day along with other drinks, take my “multi-vitamin” and “hair, skin, and nails vitamin,” and get to making breakfast

10AM– Clean or Read a real book for 2 hours

12PM– Eat lunch

1PM– Practice drawing or painting with music playing from my iPod speaker (no opening up iTunes or YouTube on my computer to avoid distractions…oh the internet how you pull me in so easily ;) grr!)

2PM– Watch TV or YouTube and/or read online to learn new things like the news, recipes, what people are up to

4PM– Start prepping dinner…

6PM– Eat dinner

7PM– Do whatever I want like eat dessert

10:40PM– Meditate for 20 minutes

11PM– Go to bed! No if, ands, or buts :)

This schedule will work perfectly for me when I have no plans. When I do have plans like going over to someone’s house I will just have to rearrange my scheduled activities and fit them in another part of my day (like at night). 

What do you wish you did everyday? Put it in your schedule and  try to commit, smile, and feel the joys of productivity!

– Faith


5 thoughts on “Schedule Your Free Time

    1. Yes it does! I am always finding myself questioning what I was supposed to do. And thank you I found it on Google but thought that they were nice things to do too.

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