Schedule Commitment Problems

I really do miss a schedule, but I don’t have any activities that I’m 100% committed to. It’s easy to set time aside to study to get a real life grade. It’s easy to go into work to get real life money. It’s not easy to have so much time and nothing to commit to except YOURSELF. If I followed my schedule detailed in my last post I would benefit from it emotionally, intelligently, and physically.

Yet, Life Gets In The Way. And it got in the way for me 8 days out of the 10 since I somewhat committed myself to this schedule. Below are pictures of the best thing that got “in the way” haha ;).

photo shoot 091 photo shoot 092

— I did not stick to my wake up early and go to bed semi-early routine, but I did do it a few days with meditation included.
— I did somewhat maintain filling up my huge water bottle, taking vitamins, making breakfast in the morning, and cleaning and reading.
— I ate lunch later than I wanted to and not once tried painting or drawing lol- shame! I did pull out my jewelry making stuff but did not pursue to make any jewelry (I’ll hide my face now).
— I did watch YouTube, go on Facebook, and read the news.
— I ate dinner later than I wanted to and did do whatever I wanted to at night haha.

From my Instagram in the last 10 days I walked my wiener dog, Skippy, a couple of times, made my first tasty green juice, bought my favorite chocolate and tea, took a walk in my backyard, made cantaloupe juice, had a really spectacular date night to a Japanese Garden and new modern farm restaurant, went out shopping with my boyfriend’s family and today I’m bummin’ just like Jesse Pinkman (can’t wait to see what happens next tonight, even though the show gets more and more disturbing).

Life has a lot of good stuff in it that gets in the way of my schedule :). I’m okay with that.

Life has a lot of bad stuff in it that gets in the way of my schedule :(. I’m not okay with that.

I’m really going to focus on improving my sleeping habits, then get meditating in my routine more, and then hopefully start being more creative. Oh and Hey! Being kind always makes you feel good, so I’m starting to make an effort to bring more kindness into my life and others’ lives! More on this soon…I’m excited about it!

Catch up with ya later!

– Faith


Have a flowerista day! ✿

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