Fistula and Job Interview Challenges

Hi everyone,

I haven’t told you that in early September I had an EUA done and that in this last month I have had two job interviews! The former I wasn’t excited about, even though they are almost harmless, but the latter I am actually thrilled to do.

The EUA business stands for “exam under anesthesia.” I had my first EUA in May to confirm my pouch-vaginal fistula, take out my stitches at the anal anastomosis, and dilate my bum so things can pass easier.

I had another EUA in September to take a peak inside my ileal-anal pouch to find out why my pouch advancement flap surgery in late July did not work/heal all the way. I could tell that it didn’t heal completely because I still passed air/gas out of my vagina (but no more leakage like I had before repair surgery).

This latest EUA helped but did not solve my symptom. I told my surgeon the air/gas passing through has improved a lot but that it is still slightly there, so we are going to wait some more and do another EUA in early November. Send me positive thoughts– I need them!!! Thank you.

If this stubborn fistula does not heal my options are nowhere near awesome or happy or great…you get the idea. And with it not healing right away like it should have with having the diagnosis of UC and a beautiful surgery (as my surgeon says it went the best it could have possibly gone), I keep thinking I have Crohn’s. I called my G.I. and he ordered a blood test for me called “Prometheus IBD 7 Serology” which is a controversial test that decides whether you have UC or Crohn’s…My results came back as UC.

So humph??? Why am I not healing normally???

This is not what I wore on either of my interviews. This was on a different day where I was just in the car being sad and confused to why my repair surgery didn’t work like the other girl I know going through the same thing at the same hospital with the same doctors.

Life must go on without answers, so I have applied to jobs and received a couple call-backs! 
I interviewed with a school for a lunchroom/recess supervisor and to get my paraprofessional certificate to do more work hours. And I interviewed with a small hospital for a food service aide.

I found answering one question more challenging than normal with having an illness preventing me from taking time off work and doing the work I want to do.

In my first interview I fumbled this challenging question, “what are your goals?” Okay so not so challenging but the follow-up question to my answer was “oh, there is nothing like that around here, don’t you have to move to this “city”?” Where I responded, “yes, but I became very ill and am just now ready to get back to work.” And they asked, “so you are better now, right?” and I said, “yes, I am.” A little not-so-true statement will have to work because otherwise they probably wouldn’t hire me!

Okay, so I have not got called back for that one. You lose some and you win some.

In my second interview I decided to not mention the dreaded illness word at all when I explained my goals. They responded in a similar way as my first experience; however, I altered my response. I answered by saying, “yes I would have to move there some day but I am happy here now.” Woohoo I did not mention the word illness– way to go me :).

This employer is calling my references (which I have no idea if they are going to mention my illness/ upcoming appointments/ and down the road surgeries). More so, I know one of the people who interviewed me because she is a sibling of my long-time neighbor and I hung-out with her children my age!

Oh, I hope I get this! and I hope my body can handle it.


2 thoughts on “Fistula and Job Interview Challenges

    1. Thank you Stephanie!! Luckily I feel fine aside from getting tired easily, but I think you know what that’s like too. It would be so great to get back to work even if it’s not what I want to do or at the place I want to live.

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