DIY, IBD Awareness Projects, and Exciting Update

Hi readers, life has picked-up speed lately and I am thankful for that. P.S. what name would you like aside from the generic “readers” name? floweristas and floweristos? Give me a yay or nay in the comment section below or your ideas.

In my last post I mentioned I am going to do DIY gifts for the holiday season. I’m going shopping this weekend (after I get paid! ha) to buy a few crafty items to get started. I bring this up again because I have started to revamp my personal desk! I’d say it’s 50’s style (got it from a friend a long time ago). So far I have stripped the top part of the desk to get rid of deep scratches from use. This is what it looks like now–>

20131119-183248.jpg  20131119-183233.jpg  20131119-183219.jpg

My next step is to clean it once more and to paint it. I’m going to unveil that process to you once it’s completed :).

On my ☼daily dreams☼ page (in the right-hand corner) I checked-off #20. This dream of mine was to make an informative yet entertaining Youtube video about my experience with IBD. My video is going public on December 1st. I submitted it in the “UC Success Story” video contest. All information for this UC video contest is available here If you have UC you should create and send a video by November 30th too! I am by no means a great speaker or writer, but as long as your heart is in the right place and you practice there’s no harm in participating! All qualified videos receive a free book and with each vote these UC videos receive $1 gets donated to the CCFA (up to $5,000). How cool!

Another project I am doing to spread IBD Awareness is having a local bowling outing. I’m sure only the people close to me will attend the event, however, my occasional Facebook statuses about my condition and this event will keep people thinking about IBD and how important it is to find better treatment for it! More so, this event is to celebrate my good news! What good news you ask?

I have a takedown date scheduled! UNBELIEVABLE. As I was waking-up from my EUA earlier this month my recovery nurse told me I could set a date for this last stage surgery! Dec 9th is the day. I still have one test to pass, the barium pouch x-ray, on the 25th. I’m not nervous about this test since I have had it done before back in May, but I have a irrational perhaps rational fear about the barium liquid finding its way through my *healed* fistula and not being able to have my takedown.

On another note, my food service hospital job is going good. It is physically demanding, so I leave work achy and tired every time. It is rewarding in the sense that I’m helping to feed patients and hospital staff. Annnnd back in October I applied for a substitute license and it was just issued yesterday! I’m hoping I can start this job during the weekdays before my takedown, yet again my takedown is more important to me (to put an end to this world of surgery dates and Dr. appointments I’ve lived in).

My focus is on positivism and taking one day at a time. I understand how hard it is to come out of negativity when nothing seems to go right and to wish for days when you are past the current biggest struggle in your life. Just last week I was feeling very down. I’m anxious for this surgery. I’m trying my best to pull myself back into the present moment. It’s all we truly have and the beauty is that our minds can make our present moments what we want them, even if our bodies fail us etc. (I go on walks, get outside, and breathe and clear my head when it gets hard at work.)


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