Revamped Wood Desk and Barium Pouch Study

Hola, floweristos! While I’m learning Spanish on my Duolingo app I thought I’d give you guys a name with a Spanish flair…

Over the weekend I bought paint and you know what that means, Faith made a mess, but I ended up with a beautiful work desk. Now I can write without my laptop burning my lap, read nonprofit organization books and take notes without juggling my book and binder full of loose leaf paper, and more importantly, have a creative work space!

more video 022
Before and After
more video 023
My set-up.

The steps I took were: 1) Buy citrus stripper to remove deep scratches and the varnish from the top of the desk (not pictured). 2) Remove hardware and with fine grit sandpaper slightly rough up the desk so the primer sticks better later on. 3) Clean the desk with a damp cloth and let dry. 4) Buy primer and paint. A small ~30oz can does the job. I bought magnetic paint that works as a primer and a white latex paint to cover the magnetic paint. As you can see, I did not use the white latex paint, instead I stayed with 3 coats of the magnetic paint. I stirred the magnetic paint until it was extremely smooth, not clumpy, and used a roller brush in larger areas and a regular brush in the smaller areas. Thin coats are a must! The more coats you do the stronger the magnetic pull. 5) Buy new hardware and assemble. I was lucky since the pre-existing hardware holes fit well with the new hardware. Viola!

Now let’s talk about the Barium Pouch Study.

I had my x-ray today and it went well! The process of the x-ray is personal, but I have had many bare bottom moments to not care (and if you’re getting this done you probably have had too much experience with this too!). All it takes is a soft tube with lube on it inserted (like an enema) into your rectum or pouch. Then however many syringes of barium liquid or other liquid inserted into the tube and so forth into your organ. I barely feel this happen. All I really feel is the excess amount of lube at the entry point. As your radiologists insert more liquid they will tell you to lie on your side and towards your back and on your back to take x-rays from all different angles. Then the tube is gently pulled out and you can go to the bathroom and expel the liquid. The liquid essentially fills your organ whether it is your illeal pouch, rectum, and/or colon. The liquid shows up on the x-ray machine and shows your doctor how your organ looks and functions.

I am so thrilled to tell you that the liquid inserted today came out from my behind! I don’t care how silly this sounds to you, but back in May all the liquid used, and I mean all of it, came out of my vagina…and that’s just not a pleasant thing to have happen! I am in shock that I no longer have a fistula to worry about! I’m going to live each day thankful that I do not have wrong bodily fluids leaving from areas they do not belong! Fistulas suck and I hope I never have to deal with one again…and if I do, at least I know what can come at me.

Tomorrow is my pre-op for the December 9th takedown surgery and I’m genuinely surprised that this is happening after waiting in the dark for a few months wondering what is all going to happen with this fistula occurrence. I really have an illeal pouch shopping list to go out and buy things for! These things are diapers, wet wipes, a travel bidet, and calmoseptine cream for butt burn…In two weeks I’m setting-out on another new journey.


2 thoughts on “Revamped Wood Desk and Barium Pouch Study

  1. Hey Faith,

    I just wanted to wish you well for your takedown surgery tomorrow. I hope all goes well and that your pelvic pouch works wonderfully. I hope to read a great post-op post when you’re feeling up to it.

    All the best!

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