How ya doing 2015 Resolutions?

Reflection… it holds the power to change your life.

I wrote what I wanted to improve on in my life this new year. I am not so much of a new year’s resolution person, but I do find it beneficial to think about your life and how you can make it (even) better.

Back in December 2013 I had the last of my serious, life-changing and body altering surgeries the ileostomy takedown. I thought to myself that once the new year came I can start to focus on building my physical strength.

I labeled my 2013 year a time I mentally became strong… however I have to say… the emotions of what I have gone through didn’t really surface until after I had all of my surgeries. When you’re going through hell and living a stagnant life you’re just focused on surviving…

My strength came back and it felt great to work hard for it. I started to look like “myself” again. I moved out and began an entry-level job. But I wasn’t okay. It was all too much, and I’m still trying to figure out how to “be” after my series of bowel surgeries.

Here I was at the start of 2015 thankful to live another year but still not happy with myself. My goals were/are:

-Take myself seriously
-Talk to others directly, confidently and with a smile
-Interact with others positively and consistently
-Do what I like in my spare time to not waste a minute of my life
-Stay organized and focused to get where I want to go

  • Keep a clear mind (yoga/ walks/ weight training/ journal)
  • Make career goals…Because I can!!!
  • Eat good feeling foods and share food with others
  • Read all I can about gardening, cooking and starting a business
  • …Bring theflowrylife back to life!!!

-Make everywhere I go home

  • Surround myself with positive people and things

-Give back

  • Set aside my materialistic desires
  • Travel for a purpose

Consistency wins…Try, try, try again

It’s a great surprise each time I read through this list that I reluctantly wrote in Google Docs. I am taking myself and my abilities of being a career woman more seriously. Thanks to therapy I am learning how to communicate better– boy is it an awkward process but so worth it! I am more conscious about how I spend my time and have found what relaxes and re-energizes me. And not to state the obvious, but I’m so proud of myself for bringing back theflowrylife!

If you want to know how you are feeling, if you want to change your life REFLECT on it. Just get the words of your thoughts written anywhere, somewhere!  Writing connects you to your goals on a deeper level than just thinking thoughts of improvement.

Come back to it.
See, feel the changes you created for yourself and your happiness.

Veggie quesadilla- sprouted corn tortillas (omg num!), mozzarella cheese, sliced tomato, 3 stalks of chopped asparagus. (Fry veggies and then create quesadilla and fry some more ;))
Butterhead and romaine salad with chopped green onion, shaved carrot, sliced radishes, quinoa & brown rice, half an avocado and half a lime.

Lunch and dinner meals from “Farmers Market meal ideas” post.


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Have a flowerista day! ✿

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