10 Ways to De-stress

I recently have had a job change. I am ending my full-year AmeriCorps service assisting summer school K-1 literacy classes and activities. Before I was a Tutor Coordinator during the school year.

My days are longer, I am working with all new people, and I am doing completely different tasks except for reading with kids! :) I am thankful that has not changed.

I skipped last week’s post, because I was not prepared to post anything due to getting used to my new schedule and hanging out with friends that I never get to see!

Life has been busy. Actually, not b-u-s-y, life has been full! Full of learning a new job, meeting new people and getting to catch up with friends, but with all of this I have been experiencing some stress hindering a good mood.

For starters, over the last two weeks my introvert side of myself was screaming for alone time… I told myself to suck it up and try to have fun.

But then tiredness set in and kept building;

To a point where frustration  came into  play when I did not have the time or energy to work on my individual “projects” like coloring, reading, and exercising.

Now I am here on Fourth of July holiday and could not be happier to have time to really chill and do whatever I please! 

With my extra time to reset and go-to-ways to de-stress hopefully I will feel less exhausted during the last four weeks of summer school!

1. Taking a hot bath with a beverage… hot tea or simply water. Wine sounds nice too if I were a wine drinker. I like to do this right after work or before bed.

2. Changing out of day clothes to comfy or evening wear clothes . It is like peeling away the stress from the day that clings to the clothes and setting a new scene for the rest of the day.

3. Drinking hot or iced tea and water. Tea helps me stay alert and focused and water makes me feel alive.

4. Coloring. I printed out an adult coloring image from Google and worked on it a little bit each day. I am pretty sure I will do this again, because I love colors and the cathartic release of creating art.

This took some thinking.
5. Preparing lunches the night before. I find it really helpful to pack lunches ahead of time. For example getting salad toppings ready to quickly throw together a salad or cooking and mixing rice, vegetables and beans together.

Veggie stirfry<3 I mixed these in with white rice and soy sauce. PS Chinese broccoli is awesome!
 6. Eating simpler dinners. Target had a really good deal on frozen vegetables like edamame, sweet potatoes, cauliflower and broccoli & Target also had microwavable quinoa and mixed beans.

7. Waking up to 10 minutes of meditation and fresh fruit paired with a protein like Greek yogurt, soy milk, nut butter toast, or eggs and sometimes a fresh juice. My juicer makes juice that can last up to three days, so I like to make enough for three servings which cuts 15 minutes out of my getting ready routine.


I prefer berries and Greek yogurt over cereal.
8. Aiming to get some movement a few times throughout the week whether it is biking to work, going on a walk, doing yoga, or strength training in my room.

9.  Appreciating nature. I have seen red mushrooms, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders. I have heard birds, a turkey, kids getting excited about seeing a deer. I have the joy of remembering to water my house plants; three flowers and one bamboo.

10. Loving friends, family, or a significant other and adding to their lives. The more we are able to give without being taken advantage of the more we are able to enjoy.

Bonus: 20 Scientifically-Backed Ways to De-stress Right Now



Have a flowerista day! ✿

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