How Money Can Suck Your SOUL…

And, when without it, make you feel SMALL.

Do you have soul? Do you feel small? Fair warning, I’m spunky in this post.

My boyfriend was away this past weekend. It wasn’t much of a weekend for me as my work week carried through the weekend and now on into this week…

Anyways. I made sure to not let work be all that I did over the weekend. I spent a good amount of time outside. I went biking, walked, painted, read, relaxed and took bubble baths!

On Saturday specifically, I comfortably threw on jeans and a long-sleeved thermal V-neck shirt. I happily put on my cushy hot pink tennies in joy of not wearing my ‘work’ shoes (cheap, plastic summer booties).

Featuring a blurry picture of my enjoyable shoes :). And an outfit that pops! Black and green striped sweater and pink shoes that magically match my pink rose and green leaf bag… 1 for matching, 0/1//? for fashion. Haha… I hope you get my joke.

Once I was ready to take the town, I briskly started walking to find the closest Forever 21 near me. I had to return a work shirt I had bought without trying on… my arms were too big for the small. Or, more like too buff. Haha… Funny, not funny? True, untrue?

To get to the mall from my place, I have to walk through the ritzy Gold Coast commercial area… where there are fancy restaurants, luxury stores, and rich people everywhere!

I hustled my way through the crowded afternoon lunch clan and made it past all the stores I’ve never dreamed of buying anything from. That’s right, I never want an over-priced handbag, shoes, etc.

Soon after, I hit Michigan Ave., the tourist zone… Sure enough I met more crowds, but now people of all classes. Mostly everyone had some type of shopping bag as I imagine this was their weekend getaway called the “let’s have fun and shop trip.” (Been there).

I made it into Forever 21 and searched out any black collared shirt I could see and found one that suited me better… and it was under the price of my last one… so I picked up two black tanks and made my exchange.

On my walk and shopping trip, I couldn’t help but keep thinking of all the money that people waste on trying to fit in…

I’m learning that it’s ok to not always be frugal, and it’s best that you’re not. But I wonder how much of the money that we spend is truly put towards pleasure?

I think money sucks the soul out of too many people trying to be like others or a certain “something.” Maybe they want to appear élite, maybe they’re afraid to just be themselves, or maybe they don’t even know that there’s another way to live.

And yet… people crave to be like these people with lots of money and no souls… and end up feeling small without it.

I have old goodwill jeans on, a hand-me-down shirt from my boyfriends sister, tennies that my dad bought me through graciously giving me $50 to Kohl’s, and a purse (that I love because it’s so fun) from my mom that she bought at TJ max.

I’m wearing nothing trendy, nothing completely new… but I’m walking, feeling relatively healthy… and I have a skip in my step. I feel well, it’s a gorgeous, crisp, cool day… I’m off on a mission to exchange a shirt that made me unhappy in hopes of one that will bring joy to me and serve my work place’s dress code.

This is a reminder* for me to keep my skip in my step, no matter my possessions or the size of my pocket.

*Not romanticizing not having money.


Have a flowerista day! ✿

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