The Day of No Complaints

“Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy”…

I didn’t wake up like that… but I did make a promise to myself to not let out a single complaint during this whole day.

I don’t know if that’s a shocking thing for me to do. To me it’s not because I have fallen into a ditch of complaints and it makes me feel icky.

“Tik Tok” …

This is my time to live and feel good. My time to enjoy life. I may not have the job I think I should have by now.  I may not be making the money I think I should be making by now. I may not have the hair or makeup or type of clothing I want to have. I may not have the home décor or furniture I want to have. I may not be living in a place that I think suits me the best. Get the drift?

I have created all these things that I “must” have to be living ‘right,’ to feel good, and to live happily.

All these things have given me reason to be a grumpy women that’s no fun to hang around. Of course there’s one man in my life that gets this side of me more than anyone.

He believes I’m too hard on myself like many people do. And I’m starting to see… that I am too hard on myself.

As much as I hate to say it, I do need to lighten up on myself so I can be a light for myself and an even brighter one for those around me.

I think the former, being a light for myself, is what I want to work on most right now.

“Imma fight until I see the sunlight” …

I am my worst enemy. It’s manifested in my complaints and dissatisfaction with my life. In which hold me back from really living, from really putting my best effort in,  and from being able to see all the small and large opportunities of joy around me.

Feeling like I’m not doing well enough in my life will not help me lead a life full of light.

I’m here today, fighting to stay on this track of mind.

And I can honestly say today has been a much better day for it.

I rerouted my urges to  complain and let the light in.



Have a flowerista day! ✿

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