Lessons from 2016, already!!!

Holy Ballz… I’ve wanted to write, write, ‘n’ write. I have too many ideas bubbling at the surface of my brain, and I don’t want them to get away, past my skull, and out into no man’s land…lol even though, they’d be joining earth where people are- I won’t have them to tell! They will!

(Deep?) (Weird?) Ok, moving on.

Hello my dear readers of 2016. Happy New Year. I hope you’re feeling high on the possibilities and if not, I hope you’ll touch bottom and climp-up-up-up until you are flying… because, why not be flying high on ideas and actions that make your heart sing?

(Do I sound high?) Well, I am high, well not high in the illegal way, but high on the idea of making myself stop stopping myself from living the life I want.

My 2016 got off to an interesting start. I have amazingly accomplished more than I thought I could and found more clarity than I thought I would with being slightly hungover, having minimum ‘me’ time, and falling ill with an uber cold while working and sleeping between it all.

Sounds oh so lovely, as weeks of time in life can go by like that, they don’t last- Thank God!

From my first week and a half of 2016 I have learned these lessons:

-Dance at a party and laugh. It’s fun! But watch your drink, always.
-If I’m at an event that I’m not particularly fond of I need to remember it’s not about me, it’s about the person who does like the event and being there for them.
-Celebrate your loved ones. In whatever way. It doesn’t have to cost money.
-Forgive your loved ones. Every one is on their own path. Be a source for their energy to pass through you without judgment. You being simply there, listening, is more powerful than telling them they did something wrong and should feel a certain way about it.
-Speak up for yourself. If you honestly don’t feel well to do something take action and state that there’s a problem and ask if there’s a possible solution.
-Use your mind! Learn about whatever sets off a spark inside of you. For instance, if I hear about or see a book that pulls me, my soul, I will go to my library account and put it on hold.
– If you’re unhappy with your progress towards a goal, don’t think you’ve failed… find a new way to approach it! I have two examples of this: one is Duolingo aka learning a new language and the second is my sugar addiction in which I’m creating a meal plan to follow.
-Again, take charge. You are in charge of how your day is spent. I have been often unhappy with my sleep schedule, so I’m changing it tonight (10pm- 6am, baby). And I am applying to jobs, because I’ve gotten what I needed from my current job.
-Feel uncomfortable and try. For instance, applying to jobs is no cake walk, but can you imagine yourself staying where you are?

That’s an excellent question to land on and close this post with.

Can you imagine yourself staying where you are?

If the answer is anywhere near “yuck, no,” know that it doesn’t have to stay like this. Find that “yuck, no” strength and force yourself to create the life you want to live, feel, and see- no matter how small the change, do something!





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