I am B.A.R.F.?

In the world of social media we’ve adapted to explaining ourselves and our thoughts in a limited amount of characters. This isn’t so crazy as it’s sort of like an elevator speech we do at the beginning of interviews.

I haven’t been a fan of either.  I try to see how others are selling themselves and often don’t feel as good.

My bio on Instagram reads:

25-Driven to make positive lifestyle changes +
hoping to help others while doing so!


A couple of months ago,

I decided to take the  l e a p  and talk-up my intentions and play-up what I do.

It felt awkward. And it felt a little fake.

I’m not a consistent or professional blogger, I rarely create in the physical form, I’m not an intense bookworm, and I don’t obsess over the hippest foods.

But why should all that bullshit stop me. Why not say I’m those things?

“Defending yourself as a creative person begins by defining yourself.”-pg. 94

So eloquently put, I am B.A.R.F. ;) and more nicely put, I am a creative person.


wp-1453067537363.jpgI’m reading Big Magic and in the permission chapter under the entitlement section it says, “The arrogance of belonging pulls you out of the darkest depths of self-hatred– not by saying ‘I am the greatest!’ but merely by saying ‘I am here.'”-pg. 93

Be here with me.


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