Live how you want to &… get stuff done?

Ello!!! What’s up? How was your January???

If it went anything like mine- it flew by and was a tad overwhelming, ambitious, and relaxing.

My mittens say hello too! They used to be my favorite sweater.

I had already learned so many lessons within the first week that I had no idea what to expect out of the rest of the month. However, my over-arching goal of the month was “Rest + Values.” That mind-frame helped me achieve balance and my goals.

Which, now that I write it, “Rest + Values” sounds a-typical of January goals, ha. It’s how I got stuff donnnnneeee though. ;)

So basically the rest of the month went something like this… I applied to five jobs a week at cafés (I found one with the best turmeric tea and to stay set-up); tried my best at my barista shifts and found time to drink water and spent no time beating myself up over eating pastries; kept to my word and drive to do something good out of working at Starbucks and planned and executed a community service project- Flyer_PAWS Chicago; and lastly- SLEEP!!! I let myself rest and not worry about what I didn’t do…

Plus, in my spare time I was able to read four books! That’s so unlike me.

1)Secrets of a Millionaire Mind
2)Why Not Me?
3)Big Magic

I’m starting February pretty excited.

I’m still going to treat myself and get out of my apartment to apply to jobs. I’m still going to do my best at work and take care of myself- hopefully with bringing my own snack. I can’t wait to see how the supply drive for dogs and cats at my work and other Starbucks goes :). And I’m going to rest when I’m tired aka not mindlessly eat sugar or watch TV to stay up for God knows what.

So how do I live my days like I want to and… get stuff done?

It’s simple. I TRUST my routines.

I wake up and take a sip of water, followed by a water chug fest downing my important probiotic and vitamins. Then I do a variety of beneficial things while I wake-up.* Sometimes I’ll have tea and then a nutritious breakfast. Other times I eat and then drink tea. Whenever I’m doing one of these combinations I write (like I am now), practice my Duolingo app, read, or surf the web aka FB.

But who am I kidding? I already had most of my apps checked before I began drinking water…

Try out a new healthy habit, make yourself a morning routine and see how you also can do more things you want do in a day and get stuff done.



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Have a flowerista day! ✿

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