Random thoughts on a Wednesday

When you like your home you take care of it.

When you like yourself you take care of yourself.

When you like your city, town, or village you take care it.

So take it upon yourself to like your home, to like yourself, and to like your environment… You are living in your home, you are breathing and thinking in your body, and your heart is pumping in your environment.

Not sure how you will achieve each; how you will like your home, how you will like yourself, and how you will like your environment. To each their own. But today I was reminded of this when I was out on a walk.

I was almost back to my office building and saw a big plastic bag billowing along the riverwalk. I absolutely did not want that bag to get into our water, so as I walked past it I grabbed it and walked back to the empty trash can and set it in there… I secured it down and hoped for the best.

Simple action. Short minute.

I took care of my city, because I like that it is clean and I appreciate clean water. As external as your environment is, as out of your control it is, you can make a difference.

It starts with yourself and then your home…

You need to do *you* and listen to your body and mind and see where that takes you. You need to keep up your home so it rejuvenates you and supports you.

If enough people do this our environment, our city, towns, and villages will show it.


One thought on “Random thoughts on a Wednesday

  1. So true Faith. If each one of us took 1 minute to pick up a bag that uninhabited island in the South Pacific would be pristine and unspoiled not the” most polluted place in the world!” If we care for ourselves, we have the internal resources to care for others.

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